Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) Treatment in Gainesville, FL

Amblyopia, also known as a lazy eye, is characterized by delayed development of the central vision in one eye. The term “lazy eye” came from the idea that one eye is not doing its job properly, thus producing a discrepancy in visual acuity. If the brain detects two images that it is unable to fuse into one, it will suppress the blurry image, favoring the sharper one and leading to poor visual development in the eye that is already lagging behind.

Common causes of amblyopia include:

Strabismus – misalignment of the eyes

Anisometropia – discrepancy in visual acuity, or prescription

Cataracts – clouding of the eye’s lens

Ptosis – drooping of the upper eyelid

Genetics – runs in the family

Reflection errors – the need for glasses

Diagnosis of the Lazy Eye

Diagnosing amblyopia can be a bit tricky as a child’s eyes may appear outwardly normal. For this reason, regular vision screenings and eye examinations are critical to detecting any eye abnormalities. The earlier that amblyopia is found, the better in order to begin treatment as soon as possible.

Treatment for the Lazy Eye

Treatment for amblyopia typically includes occlusion therapy, which utilizes a patch to help strengthen both the fully functioning and the amblyopic eye. Another option is using eye drops to blur the vision in the stronger eye.