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Reading Glasses, Contact Lenses or Cataract Surgery - Solutions for you in Gainesville, FL

The mood is set; the candles are lit. The waiter hands you your menu. With your mouth watering in anticipation, you glance down at a blurry conglomeration of wiggling letters. You extend your arms a bit farther until you almost knock over your glass of wine. You simply can’t make out the seemingly tiny letters. Embarrassed, you ask the waiter for recommendations.

Whether or not this exact scenario has played out in your life, you’ve surely been affected by diminishing vision, and if not now, then it most likely waits in your future. Not to be the bearer of bad news, but after the age of 40 your eyes gradually lose their ability to focus up close. This is called presbyopia. During your 50s and 60s, blurry vision only increases.

While a reduction in visual acuity is basically an inevitable fact of life, blurry vision does not have to be. Dr. Petitto offers a variety of solutions to suit your lifestyle and preferences when it comes to correcting your vision.

Reading Glasses

• Reading glasses are a common and relatively inexpensive option.
• They are portable and easy to pop on and off as needed.
• Their portability also makes them easy to misplace or forget.

Contact Lenses

• For those who want to be free of glasses, contacts offer a viable option that requires more care and maintenance.
• Monovision contacts correct one eye for distance vision and the other eye for close up viewing; this entails a bit of getting used to as it retrains the brain.
➢ Depth perception may suffer.
• Multifocal lenses contain varying focus zones within each lens that allow for both near and far viewing.
➢ There is a loss of sharpness and clarity that comes with the ability to see both distances.

Intraocular Lenses

• Typically used in cataract surgery, intraocular lenses actually replace the eyes’ natural lenses.
• There are different types of intraocular lenses available depending on your specific lifestyle and needs.
• Corrective lenses may still be needed after a clear lens extraction, but they will be much thinner than those traditionally used to treat cataracts.
• As with any type of surgery, it is important to consider the risks and benefits before proceeding.

A consultation with Dr. Petitto provides a great opportunity to explore all of your options. She is not one to pressure patients into surgery as a quick fix for cataracts. Dr. Petitto will take all of your concerns into consideration before recommending a customized treatment plan.

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