Cataract Surgery in Gainesville, FL

Watch now! Everything You Need To Know About Cataracts and Cataract Surgery

A cataract is the clouding of the eye’s lens, resulting in blurry and dull vision. Losing your sight to cataracts can be devastating. You forfeit the ability to do many of the things that you love while your quality of life slowly slips away. Fortunately, cataract surgery can help you to regain what you have lost, restoring both your vision and quality of life.

During cataract surgery, your old, cloudy lens is replaced with a new, artificial lens. Your eyesight improves immediately. Colors and images become sharper, the way that you were meant to see them.

This innovative procedure utilizes the most cutting edge technology to customize the operation, fitting the exact needs of your eyes. A computer-operated, bladeless laser guided and controlled by your surgeon executes your cataract procedure with precision and accuracy that is impossible to attain with most other surgical formats.

LenSx® Laser vs. Manual Cataract Removal

Watch this animation to learn more about the advantages that the LenSx® Laser brings to your operating room versus traditional cataract surgery.

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Cataract surgery is a safe and effective procedure that is done on an outpatient basis. The whole process only takes a few hours and merely requires topical anesthetics. The customized precision afforded by a laser versus a traditional knife gives keen attention to every detail of your eye’s size, depth and corneal curvature.

Do you Have Cataracts?

Some symptoms of a cataract include:

• Clouded, blurred or dim vision.
• Fading or yellowing of colors.
• Sensitivity to light and glare.
• “Halos” around lights.
• Poor night vision.
• Double vision or multiple images in one eye.

Early detection of cataracts can be done through an exam with Dr. Petitto or any of our optometrists, who will determine the presence and/or the extent of a cataract. In early stages, it is possible to temporarily alleviate the effects of cataracts and improve your vision with prescription lenses. However, cataracts may continue to advance, leaving surgery as the only option to restore your vision.

What are the Cataract Surgery Costs?

Depending on the type of cataract surgery that you select you the cost will vary. If you’re on Medicare, you ll be eligible for benefits but depending on the type of lens implant and level of cataract surgery additional costs could apply. Please consult our Gainesville cataract surgery staff to learn about your options for cataract surgery and seeing better after cataract surgery with advanced technology lens implants.

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