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Choosing the Best Cataract Surgeon in Gainesville, FL

Though cataract surgery is one of the safest and most common surgeries performed in the United States each year, choosing the right cataract surgeon can make the difference between a surgery that is acceptable and one that is outstanding. You have the freedom and flexibility when it comes to choosing your surgeon, so, make an…

Contact Lenses and Eyewear in Gainesville, FL

You only have one pair of eyes, so take care of them! Failure to wear, clean, and store your lenses as directed by your eye doctor raises the risk of developing serious infections. Your habits, supplies, and eye doctor are all essential to keeping your eyes healthy. Learn more about proper lens care and how…

Reading Glasses, Contact Lenses or Cataract Surgery - Solutions for you in Gainesville, FL

The mood is set; the candles are lit. The waiter hands you your menu. With your mouth watering in anticipation, you glance down at a blurry conglomeration of wiggling letters. You extend your arms a bit farther until you almost knock over your glass of wine. You simply can’t make out the seemingly tiny letters….

With so many items to check off your list of parenting musts, it’s easy for something as seemingly ordinary as having your child’s eyes examined to slip off the radar. When should you take your child and how often should you go? How do you choose an eye doctor? How do you know if your…

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