Comprehensive Eye Exams for Adults and Children in Gainesville, FL


Your vision may change gradually or dramatically throughout the course of your life. Regular eye exams are in integral part of maintaining the health of your eyes. Many eye conditions are asymptomatic meaning that by the time you recognize the symptoms, it may be too late to correct the problem.

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Yearly eye exams allow for immediate treatment to take place once an eye issue has been detected. Vision impairment can hinder a number of daily tasks and may also be related to a host of diseases, including diabetes, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, or other heart conditions.

A comprehensive eye exam typically includes:

Corneal mapping
Cover test
Dilated eye exam
Eye chart
Fundus exam
Keratometer reading
Slit lamp exam
Visual field test

How Often Should You Have Regular Eye Exams?

Everyone should have regular eye exams. However, the exact frequency with which you should have eye exams depends on your age and risk conditions.
If you are overdue for an eye exam, please contact Accent on Eyes today to schedule one at our Gainesville, FL location.

Can an eye doctor discover other diseases by examining the eyes?

An eye doctor can discover many diseases in the body just by examining the eyes. The most common, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even brain tumors and cancers in the body have been discovered even before any symptoms have occurred. Our highly skilled doctors will be able to discuss with you their recommendations for annual or bi annual examinations are right for you.

Complete Eye Care

At the time of your complete eye exam, you can expect the following:

  • Full Health History
  • Vision check
  • Refraction (to test for the prescription for glasses)
  • Intraocular pressure check (The first line of defense against glaucoma)
  • Dilation of your pupils
  • Full dilated exam to check the health of your retinas

Contact Lens Prescriptions

Accent on Eyes does not dispense contact lenses. However, if you are currently wearing contacts and need an updated prescription, we can help! By wearing your contacts on the day of your complete eye exam and bringing the contact lens info (brand, base curve, diameter) then our doctors can check the fit and if the prescription doesn’t change and the fit is right, we can write you a prescription for new lenses based on what you are currently wearing.


Accent on Eyes is a medical eye practice. For that reason, we can use your medical insurance for your visit. Our offices accept most PPO insurances. Please check with our staff for possible exclusions.

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