Eye Injuries and Eye Doctors: To See, or Not To See?

Woman after eye injury visit at eye doctor office.

Eye injuries can be as mild as an irritating speck of dust entering the eye or a painful blow from a contact sport. Direct hits to the eye may not only damage the skin surrounding the eye, resulting in the well-known black eye, but they can also harm the eyeball itself, tear the eyelid, or fracture the bones of the eye socket.

Burns caused by chemicals, fires, or radiation can also result in serious harm. Great care must be taken when dealing with acids and other chemical substances. Protective goggles should always be worn when you are exposed to any type of bright lights, including welding torches, tanning beds and even bright sunlight, especially if it is reflecting off of snow or water.

Don’t take any chances if you believe you have endured a potentially damaging injury to your eye, call your eye doctor and get seen so that your eye can be treated before the damages get worse.