Pediatric Ophthalmology in Gainesville, FL

Take advantage of one of North Florida’s few doctors with special training in the medical and surgical treatment of children’s eye conditions. Our highly-trained eye doctors and nurses provide compassionate care using state-of-the-art medical procedures and equipment specially designed for children. This helps created a comfortable and non-threatening environment for your child.

From birth to age two, a child’s eyes grow very fast.

Visual acuity stabilizes and sharpens as your child matures determining his or her future vision. The process can be disrupted in children whose vision is blocked by congenital cataract— this is one of many reasons why it is crucial children receive periodic eye examinations starting at age 6 months. Pediatric cataract is one of many childhood eye conditions that, if detected early, can be treated successfully.

Why treat children’s vision problems early in life.

Our eye doctors understand that a child’s vision problem is both upsetting and disruptive. Vision disturbances, eyelid abnormalities, tear duct problems, and eye muscle disorders are common. We offer comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for children experiencing vision issues at every stage of life. Our pediatric ophthalmologist Nausheen Khuddus, M.D. is board-certified with specialized training in children’s eye care.

If you’re ready to have your child’s eyes examined, make an appointment with our caring pediatric ophthalmologists at Accent on Eyes in Gainesville, FL.